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Glasses or Sunglasses?
Get both!


Our temporary location at 475 Provencher Blvd is not big enough to accommodate the display of Frames or Sunglasses. Temporarily, we have been doing some glasses by appointment with Harold. Please call for more information. Once we move into our bigger permanent location, we will be able to display our frames and sunglasses again.

CLS carries a complete line of lenses and frames for glasses and prescription sunglasses specializing in thin lenses for high prescriptions for both near-sighted and far-sighted clients.

We also supply multifocal lenses for special visual needs such as computer work and large reading areas.

Regular sunglasses are also stocked in a variety of lens and frame styles.

You can expect to be shown and learn about the best products for your needs at CLS.

We have a wide selection from brand name fashion frames to those that will appeal to the budget-oriented wearer.

CLS contact lens’ clients receive a discount on glasses & sunglasses purchases.