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Can anybody wear contact lenses?

Almost everyone can wear contact lenses. It is rare for us to encounter a client we cannot successfully fit. There are so many specialty lenses available today.

Can contacts be made in any RX?

In most cases!
Pretty much every prescription can be supplied in some type of contact lens.

Are soft lenses better than rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses?

One lens is not better than the other. There are advantages to both lenses. During your free consultation, we’ll be happy to evaluate your needs and make a recommendation.  However, if you are coming for a specialty fitting (scleral, KC, dry eye, Ortho-K, etc), there is a fee for the consultation due to the greater time required and the use of specialized equipment.  

Does it matter how old you are to start wearing contact lenses?

At CLS we’ve successfully fitted 1st time wearers as young as 3 months for medical reasons.

Fittings for cosmetic reasons are usually best left until 13 to 15 years of age unless there is a specific sports requirement. The age is based on when the child practices good hygiene (without nagging) and is mature enough to understand its importance in contact lens wear. AOOK therapy is an option to completely free younger patients with strong sport demands from daytime contact lens or glasses wear. Of course, AOOK therapy can be used for patients of all ages. There have been myopia control AOOK lenses developed. They should be started at a younger age to get the full benefit.

Patients over 60 are often successfully fitted as first-time wearers. Lenses can continue to be worn into your 80’s and 90’s, as long as no handling or eye health issues develop. We have even successfully fitted and trained a first-time wearer at 99 (medically required).

How Long Will Contact Lenses Last?

Soft lenses can be used for 1 to 1.5 years. Rigid lenses last between two to seven years.

Disposable lenses should be replaced according to their prescribed schedule. Make sure you ask your fitter.

Is It A Good Idea To Come In For A Check Up From Time To Time?

The standards of care for Manitoba Opticians require follow-up appointments to ensure eye health, proper fitting, and good vision. At CLS these follow-up appointments are included in your fitting package. Following your successful fitting, it is recommended that you see your Optician at least once a year.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Contact Lenses Or Glasses?

CLS accesses a wide selection of contact lenses. If we do not have your lenses or trial lenses on hand, most will arrive within two to ten days. Single vision glasses without custom work can be ready in one day. Some specialty lenses will take longer.

Can I get a prescription for glasses done?

Yes. We can arrange an appointment with an Ophthalmologist or an Optometrist at another location that is convenient for you. For your convenience we can coordinate your doctor’s appointment with your fitting appointment at CLS.

How Long Will It Take To Get Used To Wearing Contact Lenses?

Many of our soft lens clients adapt to the contacts in as little as 10 – 15 minutes for comfort. RGP corneal lenses will require from 2 to 21 days before they are completely comfortable. During the adaptation period you will be aware of the lenses but not uncomfortable. Scleral RGP are generally comfortable fairly quickly, just like soft lenses.

How Much Do Contact Lenses Cost?

The type of lens & prescription will determine the cost of your lenses. We will be happy to give you a detailed quote once we have determined the most appropriate lenses for your eyes.

Why Should I Choose Contact Lens Services To Supply My Vision Needs?

CLS is known for the extra time we spend training new wearers in the proper care & handling of their contact lenses. With over 50 years of combined experience our two Contact Lens Licensed Opticians, who are both trained in specialty lenses, ensure the highest quality of care.

CLS specializes in bifocals, astigmatic, keratoconic, pediatric, trauma, & all difficult contact lens fittings.

CLS also carries a wide selection of designer frames, as well as thin lenses to supply the glasses needs of patients with strong prescriptions. We can also provide a good selection of quality non-prescription sunglasses for use over contacts, etc., or with Rx.

CLS is one of the few offices in Manitoba that offers AOOK therapy using the BE retainer™, BE Free™ and the BE Free Myopia Control™.

My Child Is Starting To Become Near-Sighted (Myopic) At A Very Young Age. Is It Possible To Slow The Progression Of Myopia?

There are soft and RGP contacts such as Misight One day and the BE Free Myopia Control™ lens that have been and are being developed.

Environmental factors like increasing the amount of time spent playing outdoors and minimizing the time the child spends on digital devices both appear to correlate to lower levels of myopic progression. However, this appears to have more preventative effect prior to the child developing significant myopia.  

Can I Get Tinted Lenses To Change The Colour Of My Eyes?

A wide range of tints from several manufacturers designed for both light & dark eyes is available in both soft and disposable options. You can even get novelty lenses such as cat eye, blind eye, happy face, and many more.

We have a large selection of trial lenses that you can use to see your eyes in different colors. There is no obligation to buy. We even have custom tinted lenses that can be individually designed.

I Wear Bifocals/Progressives. Can I Get Contacts?


Many of our clients are wearing bifocal contacts. Simultaneous vision multifocal contacts are circular in design. They are available in soft, disposable, and rigid.

Contact lenses in a traditional translating bifocal design (like glasses) orientate automatically. They are available primarily in rigid.

A wide range of products is available. We’ll help you choose from rigid, soft, or disposable.

What Happens If I Cannot Get Used To Wearing Contacts?

During our 3 month fitting period guarantee, CLS will fine-tune the fitting or visual acuity of the lenses as required. This may entail adjustment of the original lens or exchange of the lens. Partial refunds are available should the client be unable to successfully wear contact lenses by the end of the 3-month fitting period.

Will Contacts Freeze On My Eyes?

During blinking the natural distribution of warm tears prevents freezing.

Can I Swim With Contacts?

Keep in mind the increased risk of loss or contamination of the lenses while swimming. Should swimming be a routine activity one day disposable lenses that are removed right after swimming would be a good choice.

I’m Starting To Have Trouble Wearing My Contacts. Can You Help Me?

We have the expertise and the products that can help if your difficulties are due to dryness, discomfort, or poor vision. In addition, as an alternative, AOOK therapy can be used to gently reshape the cornea to give you daytime freedom from contact lens wear or glasses.