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Contact Lens Services has moved!

Our last day of business at 302-414 Graham Ave. was Jan 9th, 2020. We re-opened at our new location on January 20th, 2020.

Our new address is:
307-475 Provencher Blvd
St. Boniface R2J 4A7

Free parking spaces are available at this location at the front of the building (in the “staff” parking), on the street (Provencher) in front of the building, and in the residential area around the building (on the streets behind, not in the parking lot behind the building).

  • La Fleche & Provencher
  • Located one block west of Archibald, north side of Provencher. It is just past (east) of the Seine River
  • Across Provencher from the Nicolette Inn.
  • In the lot in front of the building, our spots are 6 & 7. Park in between the yellow lines on the fence.
  • Spots are labelled either Molly Maid or CLS.
  • There is no signage on the outside of the building for Contact Lens Services (only inside the building).

We have the same phone numbers and email addresses. Our hours are as posted below but they can change. Please either check at the bottom of the page or listen to our phone message for updates. Until further notice, we are not open Saturdays on a regular basis (we are open some Saturdays). Starting Dec 3rd, 2020, we will be closing on Thursdays for in office appointments or pick-ups. However, we will be answering the phone for our posted hours (below) on Thursdays and on Saturdays that we are open. These hours may change depending on the COVID 19 situation. It is always best to call before coming down for any pick-ups/appointments (if we have not already reached you to confirm your appointment, and have also asked the COVID 19 questions), in order that we can co-ordinate movement through the office, safely. However, it is especially important to call first on Thursday or Saturday to make sure whether there is someone in the office.

This is a temporary space until our future permanent business office is ready.  The permanent location has been put on hold due to COVID 19.

Please note that although the province removed the mask mandate for indoor use on March 15/22, in most locations, it remained in place in all health professional’s offices. Although recently our college made masks highly recommended rather than mandatory, we still require that A MASK BE WORN INTO OUR OFFICE until further notice. We are also asking that you sanitize your hands upon entering and exiting the office.

Our temporary location at 475 Provencher Blvd is not big enough to accommodate the display of Frames or Sunglasses. Temporarily, we have been doing some glasses by appointment with Harold. Please call for more information. Once we move into our bigger permanent location, we will be able to display our frames and sunglasses again. 

If you require any further information, please phone CLS 204.942.0838 or visit website

We look forward to seeing everyone at our new location and the final permanent location.

K Heather Power,
Contact Lens Licensed Optician