AOOK Therapy

Daytime Freedom From Contacts & Glasses!

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While you sleep, the tiny forces created by the tears being squeezed between the retainer and the cornea applies the necessary tension to reshape the surface of your eye. This results in a refractive power change that corrects the error in your vision.

The BE retainer™ used in AOOK therapy never actually touches the cornea; it sits on a layer of your natural tears. It is impossible to feel or sense the effect of the retainers on your eye.

But you will see the effects of the AOOK therapy when you remove the retainer in the morning.

Once the custom retainer is fitted and ready to wear, it takes 7-14 days to achieve normal vision.

As the Rx is dropping, you wear progressively weaker contacts (to bring you to full correction) during the day. Once target is achieved, you will have clear vision during the day without either glasses or contacts.

You continue to wear the retainer every night for 1-2 months to stabilize the effect. Once stabilized, we will determine how often you need to wear the retainers. This varies from patient to patient.

Some people find that they only need to wear the retainer 2 out of 3 days, every 2nd day, every 3rd day, or every 4th day.

Choose AOOK therapy for the freedom it offers you from glasses & daily contacts and the sharp vision that results.

BE Retainer™ and BE Free™ are registered trade marks of BE Enterprises NA Inc.

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